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Guide: DYI Mosaic Table

 – inspired by Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia Today I will share my current project. I’m expanding my sustainability lifestyle into sustainable interior. So I was inspired by this post about Mosaic with old CD’s and DVD’s. You should really check that out! These are some pictures of Salar de Uyuni that I took on a trip there last year, which really inspired me to do … Continue reading Guide: DYI Mosaic Table

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Guide: 10 steps to be a stylish & sustainable consumer

Today I want to share with you, my 10 steps on becoming a more sustainable consumer in a modern world without compromising style. I have divided it into 3 fases: when you buy something new, which we all have to once in a while; sustainable usage, on how you become more sustainable in your consumption of fashion and other products; and the last part about when … Continue reading Guide: 10 steps to be a stylish & sustainable consumer

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Guide: Simplify your wardrobe

I present you my 7 steps to simplifying your wardrobe. I did this when I just got home from living abroad. Seemed to be the perfect time, to reevaluate how much clothes one need. ◊1 Before you begin make sure you have enough time, because this will take some time. Keep in mind why you want to simplify and remember that you won’t become less, … Continue reading Guide: Simplify your wardrobe

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Please just let me be sensitive and feminine

So I read this very interesting article the other day, about why you should date a man who travels. It really got my hopes up for what a loving relationship can be like. Let’s just get one thing straight: I am a pure dreamer. I don’t think you know anyone who has fallen in love as many times as I have. But sadly, being a … Continue reading Please just let me be sensitive and feminine

Copenhagen Living #1

A short gallery with some pictures from life in Copenhagen – a summer edition. Enjoy! Christianshavn on a sunny day. A houseboat in the area of Christianshavn.  Trailerpark Festival – a small music festival with a focus on modern art. Concerts at Trailerpark with amazing visual art.  Papirøen – the perfect hang out place with an incredible food court. Brunch at Wulff & Konstali – having … Continue reading Copenhagen Living #1